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These books by me (David G. Lanoue) form a quintet of "haiku novels": five connected stories written in haiku-peppered prose about "mad, moonstruck poets" in Old Japan and modern New Orleans. You can start anywhere, but I would recommend reading them in their order of publication.

Haiku GuyLaughing BuddhaHaiku WarsFrog PoetDewdrop World

Since the last book is in many ways a prequel for the first book, the quintet forms a sort of circle. Round and round it goes!

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Read more about Haiku Guy, Laughing Buddha, Haiku Wars, Frog Poet, and Dewdrop World. Also read my definition of a haiku novel and Robin Hood Black's review of Haiku Guy.

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Issa's Best

Issa's Best cover-Print Version
  • Issa's Best: A Translator's Selection of Master Haiku is a guided tour through the work of Japanese haiku master Kobayashi Issa, gathering together in one text 1,210 of his most effective and evocative verses. This e-book is available for Kindle and Nook.
  • Or... You can order a paperback version of this book from Amazon.com (220 pages; $9.99).


The Haiku of Kobayashi Issa
website is by far my most ambitious work of translation: a searchable archive of ten thousand haiku by Issa with commentary.

haiku novels go global

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Some of my novels have been translated to languages other than English. Haiku Guy is available in French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Bulgarian and Serbian (search author index for "Lanu"). Other books that live in Bulgarian include Laughing Buddha, Haiku Wars, Frog Poet, and Dewdrop World. Oddly, my "haiku novel" that is closest to a memoir, Nowever, has been published in Bulgarian, not (yet) in English. A German translation of Laughing Buddha is also in print. There is also a Spanish version of Laughing Buddha.

Imaginary Album When I'm not translating Issa or writing, I like to unwind by making music. Enjoy my very amateur, homemade songs on YouTube.

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